Wearing Process of A Real Iron Man Suit

How to wear a real iron man suit? Follow the sequences below and you will find it’s pretty easy! Please notice that this wearing introduction is only for our iron man suits, because different builders may build them in different structures.Now let’s start to wear it.

  1. Put up the body suit. For the body suit, you can chose to wear yours if you have .Black or red are both Ok .
  2. Put up the waist and the crotch.
  3. Then the thighs. Each thigh has a Velcro which is to attach to the crotch.So it won’t fall when you walk.
  4. Shin guards and shoes.Normally our legs are not as long as the suit legs. So we prepare some shoe pads for you to increase your height as you need.
  5. To wear above the waist, we should start from the neck.
  6. Then is the chest and shoulders
  7. Biceps and arm joints
  8. Front arms and gloves
  9. Helmet                                                 




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  • How much would an IronMan suit cost? I want to purchase one to visit the children at Hospitals.

    Alexander Sanchez

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