The MS06 Zaku II Costume


This Zaku cosplay suit is over 8 feet tall! Due to the vast box size, shipping rates can be very different in different countries!

Contact me for shipping charges!


  • The suit is completely painted, and it includes all the decals
  • Material: foam
  • height: 8’8‘’
  • Stand and ax are optional
  • by purchasing Zaku Basic, you will get the full cosplay suit with stilts , the bodysuit, and a voice changer ( same as the bumblebee)
  • building time: 10-12weeks
  • G.W: 43kg

The suit will be packed in four to five big boxes, each containing one or two parts. Due to its huge size, postage to different countries varies greatly. Please get in touch with me for shipping costs before purchasing. 

You can also choose the one without stilts ( the grey one in the pictures refers to the look of a 6'2", 200 lb person wearing a Zaku suit without stilts).

Import duties and tax are not included in the price. 

If it's the first time you walk on stilts, please practice on them before putting the upper armors on. 

The stilts' limits are 1.85m (6 feet 2 inches) in height, 200 lbs weight, and shoe size 46.

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