Pre-Order The Stand for Iron Man MK50 Helmet


Due to the mechanical back piece of the Iron Man MK50 helmet, you will probably need a stand to display your helmet! So here it is. 

As soon as the industrial molding is completed, I can now list it for you to pre-order.

If you've already pre-ordered the Iron Man MK50 helmet, and you need the stand as well, you can place your order via this link. Please let us know your order number for the helmet by leaving a note in this order or simply email us so we can pack them together for you. 

The first batch of the stands will be released at the same time as the helmet:  November of 2023.  

Despite it's designed to match the MK50 helmet, It's sold separately so you can choose to buy it only or buy it together with the helmet. The price and shipping rate will remain the same.


Material: ABS,  alloy

The Lightable Arc reactor is able to be switched to the flicking light.

Batteries need to be bought separately:  AA battery*2

You will get the triangular column unassembled, you will need to assemble it on your own. 




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