Iron Man Helmet MK50


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Building updates:

I will also post some progress on my instagram (thearmorplace)and my facebook page .If you want to learn more about your order's update, please contact us, it may take a while for our customer service to get back to you considering the different time zones but she will usually reply in 24 hours.

Now let's see what we have for this amazing Iron Man helmet!


  • There are a total of 11 servos inside.
  • Besides the mask, the plates of 2 sides and the back plates are designed to move out of the way
  • This helmet comes with 4 illuminators.
  • Three ways to interact with the mask: voice-activated, touching the side panel, and remote control.
  • Two modes of opening: Open the helmet (only the 2 pieces in front open) and open the suit( 7 pieces open).
  • Changeable eye lights (white & red)
  • All functions come with sound effect
  • Friday greetings
  • Chromed and brush-finished face plate (mirror finish)


  • ABS material 
  • Auto paint helmet
  • Size: This helmet is one size (fits up to 23.5 inches head) fits the most.  
  • You will need to buy 4 pieces of AA batteries separately for the helmet and another 1 piece of AAA battery for the remote.
  • An instruction manual will be included.
  • The stand is sold separately.  Click here to learn more about the stand!


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