Far From Home Spider Man Suit


We promised that we would bring you the spider man far from home full suit with the mechanical lenses, and here it is!

No need to worry about the color differences between the mask and the suit anymore! 

Our mechanical lenses come with screen-printed fabric, but this time, we chose the digitally printed fabric for the full suit, because it allows us to make the suit according to an individual's measurement. (screen printed details are hand-made with modes, it's unlikely to custom make a set of modes to match each customer's measurements)

Despite we had some sort of compromises on the details of the suit in order to meet everyone's size, the material we used is the best. The fabric is red on its own so you won't find white dots when it's stretched. And we kept the emblems on the chest and the back in 3D style, as well as some deco lines located on the color boundary.

Digital printing suit is not bad, more importantly, it's more affordable. 

You can choose it goes with the mechanical lenses or not.  face shells are all the same materials ( ABS).

  • Material: Lycra, rubber (emblems, deco lines, and insoles)  ABS (face shell)
  • Suit Size: Made to measurements. Please provide your measurements according to the measurements guide
  • Head size:  If the mechanical lenses are not needed,  we can custom make the size of the face shell. however, if you will need the mechanical lenses,  the face shell has only one size.  Check the info of the spiderman mask with mechanical lenses for reference.
  • The mask is attached to the suit,( not detachable)
  • Comes with U-shape hidden zippers on the back.  Invisible forearms zippers and shin zippers
  • Comes with insoles,  no need to assemble.
  • Building time:  4 -5 weeks


This price does not include the shipping or the tax. The shipping cost will be automatically added according to different countries. Tax, duties, and import fees are customers' responsibilities.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.


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