Muscle Suit Under Suit for All Cosplay Costumes


New muscle suits for all costumes is coming. 

We use heat transfer printing to locate the muscles then fill in each muscle part with silk like cotton. Then a muscle suit is ready. 

Lycra fabric makes it comfortable and elastic for wearing. 

This suit can used to match almost all cosplay costumes. 

There will be a crotch zipper hiding. 

The suit is custom-sized. They are ready to wear. We need following measurements to make it.

  1. Bust circumference:
  2. Waist :
  3. Butt:
  4. Thigh:
  5. Ankle:
  6. Bicep:
  7. Wrist:
  8. full arm Length :
  9. Full leg length(from crotch to ankle):
  10. Shoulder width:
  11. Torso length(from shoulder to crotch):
  12. Full Height:

SHIPPING AND RETURNS POLICY: ​Please note that each suit is made to order, and it's only for you, so we don't accept returns or refunds. If the order has been placed, the process of creating the suit is started immediately, which means a cost is instantly incurred by me; for this reason, once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. 

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