Warhammer 40K Space Marine Cosplay Armor Grey Knight


This is an emperor's champion cosplay armor.  It's also our first Warhammer 40k armor. If you are interested in other space marine cosplay armors from Warhammer 40k, please get in touch with me.  We appreciate the opportunity to explore this universe!

Features and descriptions for this costume:

Material: high-density foam 

By purchasing this armor, you will get the entire body armor as well as all the accessories shown in the pics.

This costume is made to your measurements. Please provide your head circumference,  height, weight,  bust, waist, and hip circumference. These are the must-haves to make the armor suitable for you! 

This costume does not have stilts, but we will probably add stilts to other space marines, depending on the proportion design and customers' demands. 

Building time: 10-12 weeks 

Shipping: 3-4 weeks worldwide shipping.  Due to the large size of this armor, the shipping cost to different countries varies widely. Please make sure to contact us about it before placing the order. 

Payment:  We accept half down payment and half to ship.  



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