Spider Man Mask With Mechanical Lenses.


The spiderman suit from homecoming has been listed in our plan since we had achieved success with the Deadpool suit. How Deadpool suit leads to spiderman suit?  Because we can use the same printing technology to make actual spots on textures, which is one of our light spots.

Another light spot is the movable eyes that express spiderman's motions. This is a start for the homecoming suit, a thing that will take your spiderman cosplay game to the next level!

Lat's look at it

Material: movie-accurate screen printed texture (you will see there are actual spots on)

, ABS face shell

Size: width of the face shell is 17cm, the face shell does not cover the ears

The face shell is 3d printed with breathing holes.

Electrics inside are handled clean, hassle-free to wear.

Control the lenses by the remote, which it's the most stable and practical way from our experience.

Handling time: 8-10weeks.

Worldwide shipping: 1-2 weeks

Attention: Normal batteries won't work for this mask, only 3.7 batteries ( we will send them to you ) work.  Please charge the batteries before you use them.  Because the mask will come with batteries, it can only be shipped by express.


By purchasing this item, you will be acknowledged with no returns or refunds. 




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