Spider Man's New Iron Spider Armor Suit From Spiderman PS4


This iron spider armor suit was released of Marvel's Spider-Man's second DLC -- Turf Wars -- Insomniac Games. It has no doubt this suit is the one that is favorited by most gamers. Because one:  the smooth and shiny surface is very attractive, two: this suit can't be unlocked until you beat DLC, which means you will be the indestructible Peter Parker if you lock it.  Isn't it the highest glory for the game-winner? 

Well, now we just brought this cool suit into real life. With the suit on, you will be praised by gamers.

Look at this thing:

1. The shiny red and gold colors reflect off its shiny surface

2.  A meticulous design like all other suits.

3.  100% hand made  details 

Something you may want to know :

1.All kits are made with foam. No under suit included. If you will need to do a 3d printed suit, just contact me.

2.Paint: We painted all of our kits with automobile level paints and spray guns. Though there are only 2 layers of color are visible here on the suit, we painted 7 layers in fact to ensure the glossy finish. The paint may be little peels off on edge after wearing. All you need to do is to repaint it with acrylic and spray cans

3. Velcros, elastics or magnets are all installed inside for wearing and taking off.

4. Visibility from the helmet is good in the daytime. You can breathe inside of the helmet, but it's not good for long-time wearing.

5. The suit will be made to the individual's measurements, please advise your measure by filling the measurements chart that I will send to you after the order is placed

6. Handling time: 8 weeks. Please note it's just an estimated time that can be changed due to the order volume. Please contact me on the delivery date.

7. Despite our best efforts to pack and protect our items during the shipping process, slight damage sometimes cannot be avoided. Usually, it’s nothing a little hot glue can’t fix. You will most likely have to make some minor repairs yourself. But if you contact me, I can walk you through how to fix them with ease.

By purchasing this item, you are acknowledged that it's made to your measurements and it's only for you, so no returns or refunds.

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