Terran Marine Cosplay Armor from Star Craft 2


Bring your gaming experience to life with the Terran Marine Cosplay Armor from Starcraft 2! Here we offer you Tychus and Jim Raynor's cosplay armors. They are lightweight and well-proportioned, allowing you to enjoy flexible mobility while cosplaying. Bring out your inner Starcraft 2 fan with this amazing cosplay armor!

It can be worn and displayed! 

You can see through the visor in the helmet.

Motorized faceplate controlled by pressing buttons in arms. 

Material: high-density foam,8mm thickness

Size: 8 feet tall, shoulders 5 feet across. It's one size fits all. 

Color: customization acceptable

Weight: 55lbs

Electric functions: fans and lights

Building time: 9-12 weeks

Packing: To meet the international shipping restrictions, we will make some parts detachable so we can pack them into 5-8 boxes.  You will be informed of the specific packing info when it's shipped.

Shipping: Please contact me for the shipping cost when you place the order. We will give you an estimated shipping price, and we won't charge it until the suit is ready. The final cost may differ from the estimated one as the shipping terms change over time. But it should not be far from the estimated price. 

By purchasing this item, you are acknowledged that it's a huge armor, so any refunds or returns are not acceptable.


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