The Shinjiro Hayata Ultraman Suit for Cosplay


The Shinjiro Hayata Ultraman Suit debuted in the Netflix animation series of 2019: Ultraman. With the high schooler, Shinjiro Hayata merged with the Gaint of light, we saw the fantastic suits showed by CG animation. Now we just brought it into real life.


The Story:

(quoted from wiki)
In the universe, there once was a race was called Gaint of lights who fight evil and protected humankind by merging with human beings. Shin Hayata was the one who had connected with them in the fight to the monsters. The Gaint of light got back to his homeland when his commission completed. 
The story is based on when the Giant of Light has left for many years. 
The high schooler, Shinjiro Hayata, notices that he has “special powers”. Unbelievable jumping skills, strength well over humans, and a body too powerfully built were just enough for him to realize he is not “normal”.
One day, he finds out that his father was once Ultraman. Shinjiro who has inherited those genes is one of the few who can wear the Ultra Suit.


The suit:

By purchasing this suit, you will get a full-body armor including gloves, undersuit, and shoes. As the pics presented, lights on eyes, forearms, and chest are also included.
The helmet is 3d printed with durable PLA, the rest of the armors are made with  5mm thickness foam. The material for the bodysuit is polyurethane.
Each suit will be made to measure. Please view the measurements guide in the navigation and put yours in the note of the order. thank you 
Handling time: normally 5 weeks, but it may take up to 10 weeks considering our orders volume.
Shipping time: Worldwide shipping 1-2 weeks by EMS.
Please note: Given the suit is made to measurements,  we don't accept returns or refunds.

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