Wearable Optimus Prime Armor From Bumblebee Movie of 2018


This bad boy must be the coolest, the most complicated wearable transformer's armor you've ever seen anywhere, I mean look at this suit:

  • Standard size: 2.4m height
  • A Voice changer is included.
  • Fingers are movable
  • Eye lights are included.
  • Worldwide shipping around 2-3 weeks
  • Material: EVA foam
  • Handle time: 8-9 weeks from the date that the order placed.
  • Full body armor set includes: helmet,shoulders,arms,hands,chest&back, doors,waist,thighs,boots,stilts
  • Accept massive productions. Please contact me for a discount if the order quantity exceeds 5 sets.
  • Packed in 5 boxes ( 1 little box of batteries 4 boxes for armors). Please contact for shipping costs before buying. Shipment to different countries is very different!
  • Color can be customized.


 Something you should know:

1., Unlike other transformers' suit, it requires the performances to be more experienced with not only the stilts but also its designs and structures.  

2. The performance's height needs to be above 1.75m. Optimus design is skin so please provide the height, weight, thigh circumference, and waist before buying. 

3. Please note the helmet you receive will be different from the one we demonstrated here. because the one for the demonstration is very small, to wear the suit, we will make you a bigger helmet. 

4. Please note, to meet an individual's wearing, we may change the proportions.

Return and Refund 

Please note return and refund are not acceptable as the armor is made to order. Once the order is placed, we will start to make, there will be costs caused by me, therefore the order can't be canceled once it's placed.

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