Reinhard from Over Watch 

First try on giant armor. Planned to finish in January, but will be postponed  as too much orders in this month ,though the helmet is done, we have to leave it aside for a while to finish all orders. Anyway Reinhard will be our priority as soon as we have extra time for samples.

over watch reinhard helmet

Ultraman Tiga

The Tiga project was launched in Oct,2017. Since the helmet is planned to build by 3D print, it was started with building 3D model file. Since the orders for iron man and batman suits come constantly ,we squeeze time for this issue. Thanks to our molder's efforts,the file for helmet is done now ,but modification is still needed. As usual ,our works must come in ultra detailed in every corner and movie accurate .Let's look forward to see the great effect of the whole suit!

ultraman tiga

Progress for Ultraman Tiga helmet ,it will be done as soon as the eyes assembled!

DOJ Batman Cowl

Despite many people have made DOJ batman cowl and the DOJ cowl may be seemed a little outdated as the Justice League movie comes ,i personally think that the DOJ batman cowl is the most classic ,therefore ,i must have one in my life .I will make it an artwork for collection for myself and those who want to have one.

It's done at the beginning of 2018.  Please note the first round  of this item have been sold out , if you want to order it ,please contact us, we are now collecting the second round of orders. Will start to produce as soon as the orders reach 100 pcs. 


If you did't find what's in your mind in our store , try to email me ( your project . We can do beyond your imagination .