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Wearable iron man suit 3d printed

3D Printed Iron Man MK7 & MK46 Full Body Armors

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3D printed Iron man suits can be both worn and displayed. It's worth to collect in your life if you are a real fan of Iran Man!

Raw building: assembled but not sanded. 

Fully painted and installed suit:  including full body indicates lights, motorized faceplate, hand repulsor, arc reactor. 

Back flaps cost $400 more.

If you want some 3D printed parts of mk7 and mk46,  please contact us for prices.

Material: Durable PLA

Time Scale:60 days for unpainted armor, 90 days for fully painted armor. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change depending on the volume of orders at the time.

Make to measurements is acceptable!  You need to provide us with your body measurements as much as you can. So we can adjust the file size to be well proportioned to fit your body. But we can't assure you it fits your body perfectly, as the material is not flexible. Some modifications may be needed when you receive it, which, if you mind, please think twice before order. Because every set is made to order and is only for you, we don't accept return or refund.