1/1 Ironman Statue 3D Printed Iron Man MK47 / MK46 Full Body Armors for Display Only


Important: Our studio is currently scheduling orders of iron man full body armor for September delivery. This means that if you want to receive your suit in time for Halloween, it is important to place your order now.

Here are our latest dates for taking iron man suit orders that need to arrive by Halloween:

Foam suit: June, 30th 2023

3D printed suit: April, 30th 2023

Please note these timelines only refer to iron man full body armor (hulk buster excluded).

 3D-printed Iron Man suits for display only. It's worth collecting in your life if you are a real fan of Iran Man!

By purchasing the raw building, you will get unassembled and unsanded 3d printed kits:

By purchasing the painted suit, you will get all the parts assembled and painted with automobile-level painting.  Basic electronic systems (motorized faceplate, eye lights, arc reactor, one hand light, one hand light with blaster sound effect)  will be included also

Back flaps cost  (assembled): $300.

If you want some 3D printed parts of mk47 /mk46, please contact us for prices.

Material: Durable PLA

Size: 1.9m (6.3 feet) height 

The statue will be packed in 2 or 3 boxes with wooden frames. assemble of big parts ( chest, waist, arms, shoulders legs, and shoes ) are needed to do by yourself, I will send you instructions as soon as the suit is shipped out. so you can go easily.

Inner plugs, plug seats, and structures for screwing are designed between individual parts, so the mannequin or stand will be no needed!

Time Scale:30 days for unpainted armor, 90 days for fully painted armor. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change depending on the volume of orders at the time.

Please note that this statue can't be displayed outdoors.   

If you want a wearable 3D-printed iron man suit, please contact me!

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