3D Printed Noble 6 Full Body Armor Suit


SPARTAN-312, better known as Noble 6 is another hyper-lethal existence apart from  Master Chief in the Halo story. 

All information about her/him is strictly confidential by ONI, including background, ability, combat history, and even gender.

Like other Spartan III fighters, B312 was also a war orphan and was drafted into the army for revenge. During the training, B312 demonstrated a very high level of combat. She/he, therefore, was pulled out to the Noble team after she/he finished training and made him a killer and cadre directly under the ONI. Before joining Noble, B312 had always been a lone wolf single-player combat. It was once awarded the "Extremely Deadly Body" evaluation label. She/he has set a legendary record of making the entire militia groups disappear.

Things that are included in the Noble 6 cosplay outfits are a helmet with a transparent visor ( you can see outside with the helmet on), shoulders,  chest and back armor, gauntlets, golves, crotch, thighs, calves, and shoes, black lycra bodysuit. 

No gun

Material: 3D printed resin

Scale: Made to measurements, see the measurements guides.

Building Time:  3-4 months ( please be aware that due to our order volumes,  this time may change)

Shipping Time: 2-3 weeks by EMS.  Contact me if you need an expedited shipping method.

Due to the individual size, the suit may be packed in 2-3 boxes. 

We will provide progress updates when we have some for our customers to see.

Import tax is not included in the price or shipping price.

Returns and refunds are not acceptable.


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