The Batman v Superman Batman Cowl



Since the stand is a lack of stock now, only the Batman cowl is available.

This cowl is based on Ben Affleck's take on Batman, as seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Can be worn and display. 100% handmade Batman cowl made from urethane rubber. The emblem and stand are not included.


This Cowl is available to fit up to 24 inches head, please measure your head size and order accordingly. Since each cowl was made from a mold, We cannot guarantee fit for every individual if something is too large that can usually be taken care of with slight padding. But if it's too small for you, it can be only displayed other than worn. So please pay attention to our sizing parameters and be aware that we are all different shapes and sizes and your mileage may vary.


Handle Time:

The cowl is made once ordered and takes up to 20 business days to make and 15 days for international shipping. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change depending on the volume of orders at the time.

Also, note that each piece is handmade and may contain minor casting imperfections that detract nothing from the piece

Be careful when you put it on and take it off. Make sure that you know how to wear it, Contact me if you don't. Don't stretch it too far as it will rip.  Treated with care and respect and they will last a lifetime.

Return Policy:

Please note that every cowl is made to order; once the order is placed, we immediately arrange for producing. Therefore we don't accept return or refund.


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