25% off for bumblebee 1987 armor , use code "BUMBLEBEE1987" to pre order before March 1st, 2019 comes !

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wearable bumblebee armor
wearable bumblebee armor

Bumblebee 1987 Cosplay Wearable Armor 2.3m Height

Regular price $2,500.00 Sale

Recently i had many inquires for the latest bumblebee armor. As you know massive productions  is the best way to make it more affordable. Therefore we decide to take pre orders with discounts, so you can help us save time on productions and we can help you save money!


So here is the discount : 25% off for latest bumblebee armor.(original price $2500+shipping, after discount is $1875+shipping, save $625 for you! cheers! )

 Discount Code: BUMBLEBEE1987

Time frame for taking preorders: Jan 15 2019 to March 1 2019


Preorder quantity:15 sets


we will start to produce until we get 15 sets of orders or March 1st 2019 comes. If we collect 15 orders before March 1st , this discount will be also ended immediately.

  • Standard size: 2.3m height
  • Voice changer is included.
  • Fingers are movable
  • Eye lights and chest lights are included.
  • Worldwide shipping around 2-3 weeks
  • Material:EVA foam
  • Handle time : 4-5 weeks from the date that the order placed.
  • Full body armor set includes: helmet,shoulders,arms,hands,chest&back, doors,waist,thighs,boots
  • Accept massive productions. Please contact me for discount if the order quantity exceed 5 sets.
  • Packed in 6 boxes ( 1 little box of batteries 5 boxes for armors) . Please contact for shipping cost before buying. Shipment to different countries are very different!
  • Color can be customized.



Return and Refund 

​Please note return and refund are not acceptable as the armor is made to order. Once the order is placed, we will start to make, there will be costs caused by me ,therefore the order can't be canceled once it's placed.