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Iron Man MK43 Suit

Regular price $1,349.00 Sale

We pursue movie accurate full body armor  and never compromise on quality.Every work of ours is designed based on customer's  body measurements.We spend more than 100 hours from designing to auto painting on creating a perfect armor  for you!

To order the suit :Click Add to Cart and  pay by following the instructions to Paypal. Please be aware that you information will be totally save through this payment.

We will start to craft your suit after you finish the payment on Paypal. During the production ,we will keep you updated with your order by sending you videos and photos.

  • Basic Iron man suit includes eye lights, refined chest Arc reactor light and hands repulsor lights 
  • Add-on :

         Motorized face plate :$90

         Back flaps:$200

         Voice changer: $100

  • Size is customized, there is no standard size.Please advice your body measurements
  • Producing time:  4 weeks, however due to the order volume, sometimes it will take 6-9 weeks
  • Worldwide shipping around 1-2 week. 
  • Material:EVA foam body ,3D printed helmet, automobile painting
  • 100% handmade
  • Full body armor set includes: helmet,shoulders,arms,gloves,chest&back,waist,thighs,legs,boots, cloak,bodysuit
  • 1:1 scale, adult size, Accurately Detailed, The most accurate Iron man MK43 armor available anywhere.
  • It is accepted that proofing by providing 3D model file to customize new costume.
  • Due to shipping limitations, customers will need to buy some batteries considering different rules to different countries. We will inform you of the battery list that you need to prepare when the suit is ready for shipping.

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