Iron Man MK7 Helmet with Hinge Motor Plate



After a long time sold out, the mk7 helmet finally restocked, meaning we can ship it in 3 days from the day the order is placed!

Let's check its functions: 

Helmet features:

  • Electrical hinge motor helmet operated by touch sensor 
  • The faceplate is detachable
  • A lithium battery installed 
  • Size: Adult Standard Size, can be worn by whose head circumference below 60cm
  • Package Includes: 1 pcs
  • Shipping: We can ship Worldwide. 
  • Delivery Time: 4-5week
  • The neck stand is optional
  •  Box size: 37cm*24cm*28cm
  • G.W: 2kg

Iron man bust base w/speaker features:

  -Bust structure with details;
  -Neck with delicate mechanical details
  -Cool blue light systems;
  -Dual speakers with stereo sound;
  -Touch wake-up ;
  -Battery low voltage alarm;
  -Shadow painted by hand 
  ●Bust base w/speaker*1
  ●USB line*1
  Product size: 22.5*27.5*28cm

  Express box size: 31*29*28.5cm

  N./G.W 1.2/1.9kg

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