Doom Cosplay Armor Suit(Doom 2016 & Doom Eternal's Combination)


This listing is a commission hybrid suit of Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal.   To order one of them, you can order this listing and put a note to your order. Or you can contact us to let us know your choice so we can put the note for you.

The Doom cosplay set comes with the following:

Helmet, shoulders, torso armor (chest, back, abs, crotch, belt), arms, gloves, legs, boots, dagger, lights. 

Every part of this suit is highly detailed. The engraved lines, the angle cut, the shadow paint, and weathering paint are all presented to be as much authentic as possible to the game.

The helmet is resin cast, and the rest of it is all foam crafted.

The gun is not included.

You can see through the visor with the helmet on

Size: Made to measure.  Please provide the following info after the order is placed. 

1 head circumference
2 bust circumference
3 waist circumference if you have a belly, measure around the belly
4 hip circumference
5 bicep circumference
6 forearm circumference
7 arm length from shoulder to wrist
8 thigh circumference
9 shin circumference
10 inseam length (from the crotch to ankle)
11 full leg length (from hipbone to ankle)
12 height
13 weight in pounds or kg
14 shoe size
15 palm width
16 a picture of you with tight clothes


Let me know if you want to do installments.

We will start to craft your suit after you finish the payment on Paypal. You will be updated with your order during production by sending you videos and photos.

Once the order is placed, we will start to build it. Please also note that this item is custom-made and made to measurements. Returns and refunds are not acceptable.

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