Halo Infinite Master Chief Helmet


This is a wearable, fully detailed, and completed MC helmet.

Polyurethane resin cast

Acrylic spray and weathering hand paint

One size fits all (no need to provide your head circumference) 

It contains illuminators that are controlled by a touch sensor.

A one-way transparent visor allows you to see through and makes you invisible to outsiders.

It comes with a cowl worn inside, so your neck will be fully covered.

It has a motorcycle helmet insert assembled so it can be fixed on the human head.

 Need to buy 2*AA batteries separately

Building time: 2-3 weeks; please note this is an estimated timeframe; it could be changed due to our order volume. Please contact me for urgent needs.

Shipping time: 1-2 weeks

Go to view the full-body armor suit. 





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