Ironman Infinity War Armor MK50


Due to our order arrangements, the current building time for an iron man suit is 3 months now. Please be sure to leave enough time in advance. If you are in urgent use, please contact me before purchasing.

Infinity War armor is good to go!

We pursue movie-accurate armor suits and never compromise on quality. Every work of ours is designed based on the customer's body measurements. We spend more than 100 hours from designing to auto painting on creating the perfect armor for you!

To order the suit: Click Add to Cart and pay by following the instructions to Paypal. Put your measurements at the place named "Add a note to your order" in your cart. Please be aware that your information will be totally safe through this payment.

We will start to craft your suit after you finish the payment on Paypal. During production, we will keep you updated with your order by sending you videos and photos.

Custom painting is also available

  • A basic Iron Man suit is with eye lights, refined chest Arc reactor lights and hands repulsor lights, and full body indicate lights!
  • Add-ons: Motorized faceplate:$90/ Voice changer: $100
  • Size is customized, there is no standard size. Please advise your body measurements
  • Producing time: 5 weeks, however, due to the order volume, sometimes it will take 7-10 weeks.
  • Worldwide shipping around 1-2 weeks
  • Material: EVA foam body, 3D printed helmet, automobile painting
  • 100% handmade
  • Full body armor set includes: helmet, shoulders, arms, gloves,chest&back, waist, thighs, legs, boots, bodysuit
  • 1:1 scale, adult size, Accurately Detailed, The most accurate Iron Man MK50 armor available anywhere.
  • Due to shipping limitations, customers will need to buy some batteries considering different rules in different countries. We will inform you of the battery list that you need to prepare when the suit is ready for shipping.

Please note that upon receipt of your suit, there may be a little paint chipping on edge of the foam and some of the electronics may have been dislodged from their places. Despite our best efforts to pack and protect our items during the shipping process, slight damage sometimes cannot be avoided. Usually, it’s nothing a little hot glue can’t fix. You will most likely have to make some minor repairs yourself. But if you contact me, I can walk you through how to fix them with ease.

By purchasing this item, you are acknowledged that it's made to your measurements and it's only for you, so no returns or refunds.

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