Iron Man Rubber Joints Covers for Cosplay Wearing One Size Fits the Most




The item listed above is rubber cast-iron man joints covers which maintain your mobility. More useful for wearing than displaying.

Please be aware that these rubber joints are produced in extremely limited quantities. Given our order volumes, we can make only around 15 sets every 2 months.  So if you can put down at least $50 in advance for whatever you want to grab in this link, I will make sure to complete and ship your order in the 2 months. 

  • Color: shoulders are grey, elbows are red and the knees are grey, the neck is red. Please note that the colors may be a little different each time we cast.
  • Things included in the pack are a pair of shoulders, a pair of elbows, a pair of knees,  a neck
  • Shoulder Size: shoulder straps are 19 cm to 29 cm adjustable, fitting 38 cm to 50 cm shoulder width.  
  • Neck size: 47 cm circumference 
  • Knee size: 43 cm circumference, 22.5 lengths, if its circumference is too small for you, you can cut it and attach some elastics so to adjust it.
  • Elbow: 30.5 cm circumference,17 cm length of the long side, 14.5 cm length of the short side
  • You will get the shoulders are sewed with straps and buckles, elbows, knees and a neck all come with Velcros.   They are good bases that you can change them as you want. 
  • G.W of all parts together:1.5 kg
  • Minor blemishes may exist as they are part of the casting process.
  • Please make sure your size is in every part's frame. Remember that the straps are adjustable, do not stretch hard to wear, if the straps are too short, you can change them for your size. 

       Customs fees are the buyer's responsibility.

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