X-Men Steel Wolverine Claws Replica Cosplay Props


The wolverine claws are not sharpened the edges. They are only used as cosplay props or display. 

  • Material of the base: Acrylic and ABS

  • Material of claws: Steel (matte brushed)

  • Battery: 3 pcs of AA batteries

  • Weight of Claws: 0.6kg two claws

  • Weight of Claws with the Base: 2.0KG

  • Delivery time: 6 weeks


  • The base is installed with spotlights. When the lights are on, they will also light the logo. 

  • The base can be displayed on desk or shelf, it can be also hanged on the wall. 

  • Two modes of the lights: 

Tips: Watch out the claws' points when using them. 

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