Pre-order: Alphamax Ultraman Tiga Action Figure Heisei Ultraman Toy


It's a pre-order item. The delivery time will be in November or December. It comes from Alphamax. It has moveable joints so that you can pose it in many gestures. 

The deadline for pre-order will be on August 30th. Welcome to make your down payment. We will inform you to finish the final payment once we are ready to ship your order.

  • Material: ABS, PVC, POM, magnet, LED, PCB
  • Size: 16.5 cm (without the stand)
  • Accessories: replaceable left hand *3, replaceable right hand*4, a stand, two sparks parts
  • It comes with no batteries. Need to buy 3 pcs of LR521 batteries separately


  1. Please know that it's a pre-order product. The down payment will not be refunded once you paid it. 

  2. The price does not include any taxes or customs. The import taxes are customers' responsibilities. 

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