TASM2 Spiderman suit with screen printed texture and 3D webs

A movie-accurate TASM2 suit made with perfect workmanship!

Fabric: 4-way stretch spandex in pink and blue so it won't become white when stretched!

Print: Silicon screen printed texture and hand-painted 3D web bring this suit to the next level!

Emblems:  Both emblems on the front and back are rubber cast. 

Mask: The mask is optional in this link. If you choose it, you will get it with a 3D-printed face shell, and it's attached to the suit by default.  If you need it to be detachable, please let us know! 

Lenses: Upgraded reflective and magnetic detachable.

Seams and zippers: Comes with U-shape hidden zippers on the back.  Invisible forearms zippers and shin zippers

Insoles are  attached to the suit 

Size: Made to measurements. Please provide your measurements according to the measurements guide

Building time: Generally 5 weeks, it may take 1-2 weeks more in busy seasons. If you have urgent use, please make sure to contact us first!



  • Costumes with such dense silicon printing (three dimensional printing)  can be a little more difficult to wear. By heating the costume with a hair dryer can make it easier to wear.
  • The suit should not be stacked but can be hung on a hanger.
  • The suit is unwashable
  • It is recommended to wear a bodysuit before wearing this suit.
  • Minor traces of handmaking may be left on the suit, which is not a quality issue.


By purchasing the custom-made or made-to-measure suits here, you are acknowledged that any returns or refunds are unacceptable.

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