Wearable Deadpool Full Face Shell and Mask V2


We pursue movie accurate armor suit and never compromise on quality. 

I know we put both v1 and v2 Deadpool masks here, but we only make v2 now as v2  color is more accurate. For the full Deadpool costume, we will use the same color as the v2 mask.

This is a movie-accurate Deadpool head/helmet/ cowl/mask!

3D printed Deadpool face shell with textured cowl covered!

This face shell fits up to 60 cm head circumference.  

The cowl is made with 4 ways stretch material, textures are screen printed. 

With magnets on, the eyes can be put on or taken off.

Please note that Deadpool face shell may not fits an individual's face as Deadpool has a long face while some people have wide faces.  But if you are a fan of Dead pool, it's absolutely worth to collect even just as a decoy for the room!



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