The Lonely Start of Iron Man Suits Making

   Dongyang is a county, neither a city nor a province. Iron man, as an American hero, few people in this place are interested in, some don't even know this character. But Joe is a real fan of Tony Stark. He wanted to bring the role to the reality. He wanted to be Iron man himself. What a nut in this place.

   "When I decided to make the costume armor for myself, everyone around me thought I was crazy,'' he said. This decision was not supported by anyone, but he insisted even at the moment he was doing import and export business for living with his girlfriend. 

   He started from searching pepakura viewer of the armor on the internet, then printed them, it turned out hundreds of pages full out with the variety of shapes.H e cut off this shapes one by one in the midnight while he was thinking was this the proper way of doing this. Absolutely not, because when you finish the cutting, you will be very confused about which shape is the correct one on the pepakura viewer. Then you will be like hundreds of question marks over your head. Therefore, he stopped cutting, instead, he watched the drawing very carefully from the head to find which shapes were needed for a head. Then he started over again from making the helmet by cutting paper--cutting EVA foam-- sticking foam according to the pepakura viewer. It took him 3 days to finish the first Iron man helmet. He kept working on the best parts of the costume in this way and finish the whole basic EVA model about 1 month later.

   "When Joe made his very first Iron man suit, he was so excited .but I felt nothing but stupid and childish" his girlfriend (it's me)said, which didn't hear by joe at all but I wished he'd heard at that time. Because we've discussed a lot about this career and the career we already had that never been fancied by him. We both tired of the discussion, and he was used to my denying and mocking. I supposed he was 100% alone, but that's what exactly he was proud of, as heroes are all alone. Well, I have to say he finally made his dream come true...

   I abandoned the idea to stop him as I was much more busy with his less help on the business. We barely had a good time until he sold his first costume in China.....Then he sold more and more, made better and better by improving the way of producing.I didn't remember how many sets he sold, but I realized that every customer respected him. Some of them became our employees later. What an interesting career he is pursuing!

   This is how he build the studio, perhaps not a surprise in the developed countries, but it's unique in China. Now we have one 3D molder, two artisans, one painting worker, and one saleswoman. Take a glance at what we are doing!

 Iron man suit