Despite all our efforts on making and packing the goods, some times the bad journey can not be avoided. I know the disappointment when a customer opens the box and sees the damaged product. However, for a custom hand made cosplay outfit, a full return and refund are not acceptable. You must doubt what we do if this happens to you. So I'd like to start with grading the defects and then provide different after selling services individually.

From the three years' experiences of the international cosplay business, we've met the bellowing problems caused by the shipments. Let's call them unfortunate defects, and they are:

  1. Partial deformations on parts (mostly the torso). 
  2. wrinkles on painting (only happens on the foam suit)
  3. parts come unglued  
  4. electric systems breakdown

 If we see the unfortunate defects from the point of after selling services, we can put them into three grades. 

 The Grade of "Get Over It"

If you ever made your cosplay with foam or just had the experience of wearing a foam made cosplay suit, you will know what I'm saying. Every time we use the foam suit, it will get older by growing several little wrinkles. Sometimes the shipping conditions are not good enough to keep it as new as when it was fresh out. So you may receive it with some minor wrinkles on paint.

However, as long as the wrinkled areas are a tiny proportion of the entire suit. We don't consider it a problem, so we may ask you to get over it. 

If in minor possibilities, the wrinkles are everywhere by the moment you receive it, please take the photos to me in 3 days from the day when the box arrives. I will give you a solution which is the best for you. 

The Grade of "You Can Do It"

The things I mean " you can do it " are very easy for the majority. Please keep calm when the suit you got is just partially deformed, or parts come unglued as you can fix them with a hair drier, a hot gun, hot glues, or just a super glue. I'm sure these tools are easy to get. 

We know that the foam is malleable, and when it gets heat, it will become pliable, which gives you a chance to reshape it. Here is what we do to fix the deformations:

  • Use a hair drier to blow the hot wind from the armor's INSIDE, just one minute will be enough.
  • Turn off the hair drier as soon as you feel the material gets pliable, then keep the shape to the original circumstance until the foam gets cool. 

When we make the suit, we use super glue to attach every piece and hot glue to reinforce it. Every material has its weakness, like super glue will be more easily cracked in winter. In contrast, hot glue will melt if the surrounding temperature exceeds 35 centigrade. That's the reason the parts may tear up. But no worries, you need to glue them back from the INSIDE.

The Grade of "Replace"

Electric systems are a little bit more complicated because the customer needs to test it many times in 2 ways (touch sensor and remote control ) to exclude every part in excellent condition to find out the error one.

For example, if you find an iron man motorized face plate does not work well, firstly, you will need to check if the batteries are with enough power and if you just operated as the instructions guide

After making sure these 2 points are positive, please check if there are broken wires and unconnected cables. If they are all good, please shoot a video from the inside and outside of the helmet to me so I can tell the problem and send you the replacements. Of course, I will also give you a step by step guide on how to replace them.

Though it will take a little more patience, it does not mean it can't be fixed in 15 mins. As long as you walk through with my step by step guide, I'm sure you will take 15mins at most to replace them.   

Whether this article is friendly to our brand's potential customers, I wish everyone read it before placing the order. Because every customer has the right to know his/her risk, and I'm sure this article will help him/her make the right decision. Be known that most of the cosplay outfits are not industrialized, yet they are not just collectibles either, so you buy it or make it, use it, and you will need to repair or adjust it. As long as you will keep using it, the repair will not end. That is a part of cosplay life.  

After selling services is one part of the disclaimer, warranty is another, keep read the limited warranty