How to Get the Iron Man Electrical Systems Work

Electrical systems give iron man suits technologies. In cosplay, if you wear a suit with motorized functions, you and your audience will achieve the audiovisual effect. That's no doublet the spotlights of the iron man suits.

To pursue the audiovisual effect, we added as many electrical systems as we can, while the more we add, the more questions we need to answer. Therefore, I managed the most frequent questions together, and give our answers here. Let's check them one by one:

1:How to get the motorized faceplate work?

Well if you buy from Joetoys, you will receive an instruction file that contains the blowing pic:

This pic tells you how to operate the mask step by step. In fact, we also prepare a spare remote for each iron man suit or helmet so a client can choose not to use the touch sensor if they keep touching it. To stop the touch sensor, all you need to do is to unplug it from the board. And here is how to control the mask by the remote:

2 Which battery should be connected to the arc reactor?

To know which battery is for which part, you can judge from the connecter.  We have a black cable installed on the helmet and the left glove, which means they need the corresponded AAA or AA batteries. You may not see the black cable on chest lights or the right glove, be known it's not a quality problem but it's made in this way.  And they use the same lithium batteries that we will ship to you.

Here is how to get the arc reactor work.

3. How to operate the glove lights.

4. What's the battery for back flaps

If you grab the suit with back flaps,  we will ship another lithium battery with the red connecter, that's the one. 

5. Which batteries should you buy for the body directive lights? 

ALKAINE 12V small batteries. 

This is a part of the questions that we picked. We decided to put them into this blog so it may help you to get to know more about our iron man suits. 

If you have more questions about our iron man electronic systems please click "contact me" at the right corner.