1. What’s the material do you use for batman suit?

We can use both EVA foam and urenthane rubbe for the batman suits

    2. Can you make an iron man suit with the electronic system installed?

 Yes ,we can make motorized face plate for the helmet and the back .

  1. How can i display my iron man suit when i don’t wear it?

 We suggest you buy or make a frame work from where is close to you .

  1. What is the warrenty do you provide for your products

 We provide the limited warrenty

  1. Do you do new project?

 Yes ,we accept new project. Email me :info@joetoyss.com to see whether we can do .

  1. Can you just sell one part of an iron man suit?

Yes, please contact me

  1. Can I order foam and 3d printed hybrid armor

Sure, you can contact me for that.

  1. Have you done a completed 3d printed iron man suit before?

Yes we did, we had the experience of printing mk7 and mk46 full body armors

       9. Can i get refund if the suits received in damaged condition?

Since the suits are made to measurements, by purchasing the suit ,you are acknowledged that it's not returned or refundable. If there is damages occur , please let me know as soon as you receive the suit .  most of the problems can be fixed if you are willing to do as i tell you. if some parts are badly damaged that can't be fixed , we will offer you a replcement.  For more info please check our afterselling services and warrenty disclaimer.

        10. Do you have a instrucion with the suit and electric systems

Yes, we will send you the instructions via email when we ship your suit. Please note, due to the shipping limitations, you may need to buy some batteries on your own . Generally, i will include the a bttery's list in the email. If it's an iron man's electric system, you can also find the instruction here.

        11. How many boxes will I receive in total?

The number of boxes you will get depends on item's size and the shipping policies by the time we ship it.  I will inform everyone of his /her tracking numbers as soon as I get them.  The number of tracking numbers equals how many boxes that have been shipped.

        12.How do I fix a damaged part?

I've listed several damaged situation and gave a repair method to each one in this artical, I'm sure it will be helpful.



  1. Do you have a standard size for the suit?

We don’t have standard size for most of the suits we sell. But transformers' suits are all one sizes fit all

  1. How do i measure myself?

Please find the body measurements guide in our navigation ,and then measure yourself following the guide. Don’t forget to notice me your data as soon as you have it



     1.How can i pay?

Please add the product to your cart and pay via paypal. We only receive payments from paypal.

  1. Do you do payment plans?

You can contact me for special payment terms. We do accept 50% deposit and 50% before shipping . If we do this payment terms , you need to email me your order and body measurements before 50% deposit to my paypal account: yuehuajoe@hotmail.com.

  1. Do i need to pay import tax?

It depends on the custom of your country .

  1. Do you accept payments other than USD?

we only accept USD payments right now.



  1. How long it will take to ship to my country?

 To different country ,the delivery time is different. Usually ,it will take 7-15 working days to America, 10-20 working days to Europe and 5-10 working days to Australia.

  1. What shipping method do you use?

We use EMS shipping. Although it’s not fast, custom fee is free in most circumstances . If you have special needs ,please contact us :joetoys@yahoo.com for more information.

  1. How can i track my package?

We will provide you with EMS tracking number as soon as we got it from shipping company. With the tracking number, you can track it in the this site: http://www.17track.net/en