Release the DOJ Batman Cowl

I'm glad that the DOJ batman cowl was finally completed in Feb of 2018. Today i can share it with you . This was supposed to be released  at the moment we made it, but we were so much busy at that moment as too many orders that have to be delivered before spring vocation. Anyway now i have time to do this . 

We took 3 months to make as we met a lot problems during the process. The biggest problem we met is the size. Since all batman cowl should be casted in urenthain from the unique model, which means the size of the cowl will not able to be customized. To find out the best size for most people, we 3d printed 3 helmets for testing and ultimately decided to use the last one whose width between two ears is 18.5 cm . So we started to use 18.5 cm helmet to cast the model.

Everything went well until we cast the sample. The sample came out smaller than 18.5 cm because the material shrank. Damn, i should've took it into the consideration at the beginning. I wanted to gave up or just put it aside until i had a good mood for this.  But there was another thought came out from my mind :  although i have to start over again i know this time will success, because i failed at the last step. Every steps are clear now, all i have to do is start over again. It should take some time but if i gave up or put it aside, i would regret for i have gone this far. Sooner or later i will make this why not make it now? 

Life is dramatic ,you know. I must start over again. This time i was more carefully. And i noticed how important the texture to the batman cowl. So before building the model.I searched online for how to do the texture . One way is to scratch on the 3d printed model and then cast the silicon model . Another way is to use the leather withe the texture to press on the 3d model before the coating dries. I took the later one because i was not confident on scratching . But if i knew something about sculpture i would have definitely chose the first method in which the texture came with more nature. It's a little bit pity on this ,but i have tried my best. That's the point.


Proudly finished the artwork. Here is some feedback pics for reference.

To view more detail of this cowl, please visit: