The Top 3 Often Used Materials in Making An Iron Man Suit.

  When you step into the research of an iron man suit purchasing, you will find several kinds of techniques and materials involved in a suit. Facing the strange name of skills and materials, you may wonder which is proper for you. Today I will introduce 3 methods and materials that we use to build an iron man suit and give advice on how to choose the right iron man suit for yourself.

   What are those techniques and materials? Let's start with the most common one that we used for most of our roles: Hand made in Eva foam. Eva foam is the material usually used in the baby crawling pad. We cut it and assemble it according to the Pepakura viewer file. Eva foam suit is light, it won't cause you trouble on wearing , moving and posing. It's also less expensive than the other two: cast in fiberglass and 3D print. But you should consider the cracks and wrinkles after the events. With our uncountable modifications to painting, we have successfully extended its life for 50%. If you don't intend to own it for life or you are having a budget, the EVA foam suit is the best choice for you . With less than half of the cost of 3D printed and fiberglass iron man suit, the EVA foam suit is just as beautiful as them.

EVA foam iron man suit

   Go forward to the second one: Cast in fiberglass. Fiberglass is as tough as plastics. Therefore you don't have to worry about durability. You can have it as long as you want. Furthermore, if the color fades after a long time goes, our repainting service is able to help you refresh it.But a fiberglass iron man suit won't suit everyone's body, as we only cast one set of models for mass production, which means the size is fixed. If you chose it, we must also remind you that since it's much heavier than EVA foam, it will reduce the range of your movement. Therefore you can see that a fiberglass iron man suit is more like a statue other than a wearable armor.

fiberglass iron man helmet

   The third  method properly is the most recommended one in the three. Because 3D print technology gives the consideration to both wearing and displaying . We change the size of model file to meet individual's body,then print by the 3D printer in PLA or ABS plastics. Although it is heavier than EVA foam , you can still move and pose in it .More importantly, its value never discounts even though one day you don't want it , you can still sell it without losing money. Since we can't afford a really nice 3D printer right now, our time scale for printing is still very long .At least 45 days for just printing and a huge sanding work after that. If we don't have enough patience on it, we wouldn't have done 3D printed raw cast of iron man mark 7 suit and mark 46 or mark 47 suit , not mention the complete suit.  


   Well ,just because iron man suits can be build in these 3 ways, does not mean other full-body armors can be done in the same ways. We must keep learning and experiencing . No matter the technique or material, we welcome your projects,if you didn't find what's in your mind in the store,don't hesitate to contact me

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