The coronavirus will cause shipment delay in April of 2020

Prepare to wait 1 or 2 weeks more for your cosplay.

Joe Zhu

As a 3d builder as well as a prop maker, my task is to bring characters in movies, comics and games into the real life.

Despite the increasing infected numbers of coronavirus in China has dropped from more than 2000 per day to 30 per day. The virus now begins to spread rapidly in other countries. Because of that, I was told by the shipping companies that international flights will be less in the further month, which will lead to a 1-2 week extension on the shipping time. 


With a lot of money and waiting involved in, our job is to make sure you will satisfy with our works and make your investment succeed. Now please take care of yourselves and expect that your suit will boom the rest of 2020!

Grab Your cosplay costumes fast and don't miss out the pre orders !

Most of our full body armors are made to measurements. Therefore  we can only produce a very limited quatities of all products. For some items with one sizes fit the most, we will start to produce only when we get the enough orders to make them together. So make sure you don't miss out the pre orders!